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Core Treatment Prices

Shoulder Massage

Massage Therapy

30 minutes  -  £47

45 minutes  -  £52

60 minutes  -  £62

Essential Oils being dropped into brown glass bottles

Clinical Aromatherapy

60 minutes  -  £67

75 minutes  -  £82

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Initial consultation and treatment approx.

60 minutes  -  £62

Follow-up treatments approx.

45 minutes  -  £52

Seasonal Offer

Ready to Fly

Reduce the risk of ear pain while flying with this combination treatment including ear candling, a bespoke blend aromatherapy nasal inhaler and a 30 minute back massage.  Enjoy your flight and your holiday!

Other Treatments

a woman recieving reiki healing


Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan.  It makes use of the "universal lifeforce" which the practitioner channels into the client through the palms of their hands.

30 minutes  -  £37

45 minutes  -  £47

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stones

During a hot stones massage, heated natural lava stones are used to melt away then tension from tired muscles.

45 minutes  -  £52

75 minutes  -  £67

Add essential oils (Aromastones) +£5


a woman receiving reiki healing

Back to Bliss

30 minute back massage and 30 minutes reiki - 60 minutes



If you would like to have regular massage therapy treatments it may be worth your while taking out a monthly subscription.  The payment will be taken directly from your debit card on the 1st of each month.

hands massaging a back


Two 60 minute massage therapy sessions per calendar month - £110 per month

hands massaging a back


Four 60 minute massage therapy sessions per calendar month - £220

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