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head shot of the massage therapist with a massage couch and storage cupboards behind her


A Little About Me And How I Can Help You

My name is Nefra and I have been a massage therapist for over 15 years now.  I began working in sport, but around 6 years ago I decided I'd like to work for myself, so I expanded my treatment repertoire and  I am now a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and ScarWork therapist with additional qualifications in hot and cold stones massage, Swedish massage, reiki, and facials.


The people I work with most now tend to be women who are realising that it is ok for them to take care of themselves and look after their own physical and mental health.  All to often we spend so much time juggling work and home life, putting everyone else's needs above our own we get to a point where we feel guilty about putting ourselves first, even for a short period of time.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it is not only ok to put yourself first from time to time, it is NECESSARY!

Through the use of massage, aromatherapy and hot stones, I can help you manage a multitude of conditions including (but not limited to) the following:

Tension headaches and migraine

Mild insomnia and sleep issues

Plantar fasciitis

Muscle aches and pains

Lower back pain

Upper back pain

Stress and anxiety

Mild depression

If you'd like to arrange a FREE consultation before deciding if I'm the right therapist for you, please do drop me a message, text or email.  Of if you'd like to book an appointment, click the button below.


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