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5 Tips For Keeping Your Cool This Summer

The summer we've been waiting for has finally arrived. How long it will stay is not for me to guess, I'm definitely no meteorologist! But what I can do is give you some tips to help keep you cool in the warmer weather, because let's face it, being a hot, sweaty and irritable human is no fun for anyone. It's far nicer to feel cool and calm when it's warm.

So here are my top 5 tips for keeping cool in the heat.

  1. Immerse your hands and/or feet in cold water. There are lots of blood vessels close to the surface so dunking your extremities in cold water for a few minutes will cool down your blood as it flows through your body.

  2. Take a lukewarm (not cold) bath or shower. It will have a whole body effect similar to above and is probably the fastest way to cool down.

  3. Keep doors, windows and curtains closed during the day. Open windows at night when the temperature is lower.

  4. Wear loose fitting clothing, preferable made from lightweight, natural fabric such as cotton or linen.

  5. Freeze a bottle of water then place the frozen bottle in front of an electric fan - homemade aircon! Make sure there is no possibility of water spillage, you don't want to electrocute anyone or start a fire!!

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